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A group to learn your Cricut!

When I got engaged I finally gave myself the excuse I needed to buy a Cricut to make my wedding invitations. I had an absolute blast making SO many things for the reception, ceremony and wedding party. When the wedding was over I decided to open my Etsy store back up (I used to make jewelry many moons ago) and sell some of the things I was making.

Fast forward a few years and here we are!

Now, I want to teach you all the things I've learned the hard way so you can jump right into getting the most out of your Cricut.

So, The Lalaland Creatives Monthly Group was born! 

The group is on FB and includes so many different features! Check them all out below

The perfect gift for Mom to master her Cricut and make all the projects she's wanted to make!


Purchase a 3-month subscription to The Lalaland Creatives Monthly Group for an exclusive price of $55 where she will learn all the ins and outs of her Cricut. 

She can start learning right away! A library of resources will help her learn the basics.

Then each month she'll learn two new projects​, an advanced technical tip, be able to ask me anything on a LIVE Q&A call and much more!

At the end of the 3 months, she'll be able to join the group earlier than open enrollment at the current member price.

Can't wait to see her in there!

- Larissa xo

Mother's Day FLASH SALE!

Limited Time Special Opening!

Join Waiting List

The Lalaland Creatives Group's FLASH SALE

is only available for new members

NOW until-Sunday, May 12th!

what to expect

What to Expect

A library of resources to learn the basics, plus:

Plus a community of creatives to learn and grow with!


2 project video

tutorials a month. 

One will be a basic Cricut project and the other wedding themed!

Live Q&As

Twice a month you'll have the opportunity to ask Larissa questions LIVE!


Everything Larissa has learned over the years of "Cricuting" will be shared with you! She'll give you her best kept secrets to help you on your own journey.

Monthly Challenge

Each month the group will have a different themed challenge for members to participate in. There will be a random winner  and a fun prize!


What happens after the 3 months is over?

Mom can continue to stay in the group for the current monthly member price, which she can then cancel at anytime. 

Is the group strictly on Facebook?

Currently yes, the group and all of its contents will be in the private Facebook group. You will need to have a Facebook account to access the group.

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