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5 Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy: Fall Edition

Want your baby announcement news to be memorable? We love the idea of sharing your big news that you're expecting and getting a good laugh along with it. Here are 5 clever sayings that are guaranteed to make your family and friends smile extra big when they see your social media post or text.


1. We're just as shocked as you

White pumpkins surround a white circle board laying on a tan blanket with a sonogram, a rainbow, baby boots, BABY blocks and says we're just as shocked as you to announce pregnancy

Announcing an unexpected pregnancy? How fun to let your friends and family know that you're just as surprised as they are about it!

2. You can stop asking now

Do you feel like every other day someone is asking when you're going to have kids? Well now you can tell them it's time to stop asking, haha!

3. Well Played God, Well Played

Prayed for one, but being blessed with two? Or just want to be snarky in general about an unexpected, but welcomed pregnancy? We love this saying to say, thank you God, well played, well played!

4. Remember when we said we were done having kids?

Always thought you were done with having kids (and were pretty vocal about it)? Now you're ready to announce your unexpected pregnancy? Use this fun, sarcastic saying of "remember when we said we were done having kids?" of breaking the ice to share your big news.

5. No, really, this is the last one, probably... maybe...

Announcing your last? Or your probable last? haha! This saying says it all.

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